I wonder how increasing hopefulness in design practice improves our communities and environment?

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Every time we generate a creative project here at Deliberate Wonder, we invite you and the team to join a Creative Growth Loop. This proprietary method will soon be available as a suite of online workshops and courses. How wonderful!

This year we celebrate 25 years of delivering social impact with hope full and creative strategies, research, business plans, brands, campaigns, communication, storytelling, visual design, mentorship, and teaching.

Deliberate Wonder combines multigenerational teams of designers, researchers and facilitators, alongside our trusted production partners, to offer you multidisciplinary, specialised, and educational services that work together to transform ideas into hope driven impact for people and planet.

Need hope on your side?

If you’re out there championing change in the community, education, environment, or health sector, we’re here to support you to deliver projects infused with enduring hope and maximum creativity. Our approach is grounded in ongoing research into the science that hope and creativity are essential, active and neurologically proven elements for shaping meaningful progress.

How are your creative skills?

With our Creative Growth Loop Courses and Toolkits, individuals and team leaders will unlock their creative potential and navigate projects with strategic confidence and cost-efficiency. Our course content blends evidence-based hope research, design theory, mindfulness techniques, and practical tools, empowering participants to view hope as central to growth and infinite innovation.

Creating a hope library?

The quest to understand the symbiotic relationship between hope and creativity fuels our commitment to exploration and discovery. Soon you can bookmark our online library which serves as a hub for inspiration, featuring curated resources from diverse disciplines such as education, psychology, neuroscience, and design. Here, individuals can glean insights from transformative figures who exemplify the power of hope and creativity in driving positive change.

Raising creative young folk?

In addition to our creative services and educational offerings, Deliberate Wonder proudly launched Junior Wonder in 2023. Our visual scheduling product was born from research into hope in children and a desire to nurture calm, creativity, and confidence in young people. Developed alongside a pilot family for over a decade, Junior Wonder now serves as a customisable routine-setting resource and a growing library of activities and links for parents, educators, and healthcare practitioners, with a particular focus on supporting neurodiverse needs.

Lifelong curious contributor?

Our founder, Janine Lee, is dedicated to nurturing and celebrating the curious minds of creatives and change makers poised to make meaningful contributions to society with undergraduate and postgraduate learning alliances. Her mentorship and supervision collaborations have included The University of Queensland (UQ) and Queensland University of Technology (QUT), The Australian Catholic University and a longstanding community partnership with Griffith University interns.

Talking hope and creativity?

Janine Lee is available for speaking engagements, offering captivating, professional experience, and research informed insights curiously discovered at the intersection of hope, creativity, and human experience in an ever-evolving world.

States of hope, curiosity and creativity in people of all ages can improve outcomes for wellbeing and environment and here at Deliberate Wonder we ask high quality questions to understand how.

Book an appointment today to understand more about our mission to support wonder full projects and to discover how your hope and creativity skills can best serve many people and the planet.

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At Deliberate Wonder we are dedicated to empowering individuals and communities to embrace hope and creativity as driving forces for progress.

We co-design with individuals and teams invested in positive impact so people and planet can thrive together.

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